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Ready to Disrupt Education?

Our goal is to change the way people approach education, higher education, and learning over the spectrum. We will achieve this by taking the red tape away. The days of stringing a person along with tidbits of information are over. Now is the time to show and tell.  As a subject matter expert or someone that wants to teach someone their passions, we want to help you impart your expertise to others.

Go Sit In A Corner

We want to see you take life to a whole new level. So if you don’t mind, have a seat in a corner! Our Corner Talks are here to help with business, family and just life as a whole. Grab a pin, takes notes and be prepared for growth.

Share your knowledge in Five simple steps

Sign up to become an Instructor

Choose between becoming an Instructor or Premium Instructor in order to get with creating your course(s), and start earning today!

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Identify Your Subject

Tap into your passion, pull on your expertise or borrow from your industry to create your course.

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Upload Your Course

You can upload your course as videos of you instructing, PowerPoint slides, worksheets, etc. We want you to focus on giving your students the “meat and potatoes.” No fluff.

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Promote Your Course

Now that you’ve uploaded your content, it’s time to fill the virtual seats. Tell everyone about your awesome course! (We will also.)

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Engage With Your students

Now that you have a great course and have some students, it's time to connect with your class. Take time to ask and answer questions and get involved with help your students get the most out of your class. Join the teacher's lounge and get tips on how to better assists your students. A happy student will do a lot of good marketing for you!

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